Baked Salmon with Cream Cheese and Breadcrumbs




The return of a long-lost favourite…. Succulent, flaky salmon complimented by a creamy ‘sauce’ and topped with golden breadcrumbs for that extra crunch.




A friend recently commented that this is still a firm favourite in her household since I’d introduced her to it last summer. Embarrassingly, I had clean forgotten about it as, at some point, my older son decided that he did not like cream cheese. However, since our conversation, I have started making it again and it is now back in the household’s list of happy, go-to recipes 🙂 It’s so simple, that it’s quite shocking how good it tastes…

serves 2

2  fresh salmon fillets

some cream cheese (I mostly use plain. But if you have some chive or dill lying around, do feel free to chop some up and throw it in. Extra brownie points.)


some salt and  freshly ground black pepper for seasoning


1) Preheat oven to 220C (conventional oven)/200C (fan oven)

2) Descale, clean and pat dry the salmon fillets. Season  both sides with salt and pepper.

3) Place the salmon fillets skin-side up on a tray/roasting dish that’s been lightly greased with a mild vegetable oil (I do this to ensure that I’m not left with half a fillet stuck to the tray and the other half in a butchered mess).

Raw salmon, cleaned and seasoned

4) Slather the salmon fillets with cream cheese. The only rule here is, more for the cream cheese fan, and less for someone who isn’t so keen.

Salmon slathered with cream cheese

5) Next, cover the area of cream cheese with breadcrumbs.

Salmon sprinkled with breadcrumbs

6) Bake salmon for 8-10 mins (depending on how ‘done’ you like it. I like mine just that side of done, and so 8 mins is plenty). If you find that the fish is done but your breadcrumbs are still not crunchy, switch from the oven to the (overhead) grill and grill on high until breadcrumbs turn golden.

Serve with a wedge of lemon to squeeze over and sides of your choice.

* I have used all manner of breadcrumbs for this… fine, coarse, bought, homemade. My all-time favourite however, is homemade, out of a stale seeded loaf. If you feel like making this but don’t have any breadcrumbs to hand, don’t panic. Put the ends of a loaf in a low toaster or oven (100C) until the surface feels dry and coarse, and simply blitz that. Works well too!

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2 Responses to Baked Salmon with Cream Cheese and Breadcrumbs

  1. wow! What a great recipe! I want to make this tonight : )

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